Want to make better use of yourself, but also need to get in some exercise, and have fun doing it? Want to get some exercise in a fun and supportive environment where you can directly address questions that come up in classes and private lessons?

It is not an accident that fencers and martial artists in general have a reputation for emotional strength and inner peace, regardless of how violent and chaotic their hobbies may seem from the outside. As one perseveres, one’s sense of personal agency grows. Things which were daunting become mere hassles. Old hassles no longer “rate.”

I’m a lifelong “mover,” and while I have many friends whose discipline of choice is dance, mine has always been martial arts and fencing. I run a historical fencing school in Irving hosted by Warlord Combat Academy, just SE of the intersection of Loop 12 and U.S. HWY 183.

Basic classes are Saturday mornings, 9-10:30 a.m., gear provided. Dues are currently $50per month (sign-up is here). Active Clients may enroll in this class at the discounted rate of $30 per month by direct arrangement with me, making this a very affordable way to learn how to apply what you’re learning while having a lot of fun in the process.

Personal Growth and Fun aren’t mutually exclusive.

For those of you who are particularly nerdy, I am also an instructor in the Kyber Combat lightsaber class. I cannot currently offer a discount in that class, but if you enroll you will by also, by definition, have access to me for consultation on body mechanics and movement issues as appropriate to the class.