It’s been my privilege to help a number of people improve their lives through the use of the Feldenkrais Method. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience.

“I’m 66 years old and have never rolled in my entire life.”

“My per-mile time has dropped by 25%”

-Lisa Strykowski, Mesquite

“Took a 30-minute session with Russ concerning my walking form and anxiety last year. After two weeks of working on the techniques mindfully every day, my anxiety is notably less. Specifically I had one pair of shoes that were giving me a lot of trouble and I can now wear them with very little ill effect. Incredibly grateful for that class!”

-Felicity Kiser, Jacksboro

“My Mom doesn’t walk like a pirate any more.”

-Michelle Accardo, Fort Worth

“My back and knees don’t hurt anywhere near as to what they would prior. It’s made a significant impact.”

-Coleman Franchek, Arlington

“As a lifelong dedicated klutz, I’ve always wanted to do cool things but been hampered by, you know, not being able to. I’m not quite a jedi master yet, and sometimes I still fight with anxiety, but … I can run and fight and do cool stuff, and I don’t have to steel myself for half the morning before making a phone call.”

-Kat Laurange, Grand Prairie

“I mopped the kitchen and my daughter was surprised. But I told her, if my feet work, so does the rest of me! So I can mop my own floor again.”

-Carol Forbes, Hurst

“I came to Russ’s classes on driving because I was experiencing anxiety when getting behind the wheel, and lower back pain while sitting in the driver’s seat. The emotional distress I attributed to my age and the physical discomfort to my sway-back. After working with Russ, I am driving more confidently and without back discomfort. Finding other ways of using myself has had a profound impact on, not only my performance In front of (behind?) the wheel, but the way I view myself and my capacity to learn new ways of being and doing.  Thank you Russ.”

-Linda Kemp, Dallas

“Russ taught at November Steel, and I watched him work with the attendees. Using this method, Russ was able to diagnose problems with a glance and work towards fixing them in minutes.”

-Anthony Buonoma, Austin