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Anxiety & Stress

Just like there is a huge difference between breathing unconsciously and taking a pause for a nice, full breath, so there is a difference between doing movements in old, habitual ways and learning how to do them with skillful presence. Scientific studies increasingly bear out this view, showing that movement-based embodied practices like the Feldenkrais Method increase grey-matter density, decrease stress, and boost quality of life.

Because the Feldenkrais Method is organic learning, it can enhance thinking, improve physical activity, and create a deeper inner stillness. Writers, meditators, martial artists, and others have found that attending to the slow movement sequences in Awareness Through Movement® opens up new vistas in their practice. Whether you wish you could sit still for a full hour of meditation, overcome writer’s block, or attain that black belt, Feldenkrais® lessons offer the key toward overcoming your “parasitic habits” so that you can be your true self.

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Feldenkrais Method
Discover how to do less, while still achieving your goals.
Middle Aged Movers
Moving Difficulties
Anxiety & Stress
1904 - 1984
“When you know what you're doing,
you can do what you want.”
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