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Moshe Feldenkrais was a martial artist who studied athletes and noticed that elite movers perform difficult tasks with a minimum of muscular effort. He developed the Feldenkrais Method® to help people emulate this efficiency in their daily life and exercise. He said the purpose of his Method was to “make the impossible possible, the hard easy, and the easy elegant.”

Athletes spend significant time in their training doing “hard” work – trying to lift more weight, run faster, stretch farther. This is no doubt helpful, but they tend to overlook the benefits of practicing movements that are “easy.”

The Feldenkrais Method is a way to improve your physical performance by moving very slowly and gently. This allows you to become aware of unnecessary muscular effort in fundamental movement patterns, and to discover more efficient alternatives. After a lesson, you may feel a greater sense of awareness of how to use your body in way that feels effortless and graceful, in everyday life and on the sports field.

Group and Private Lessons available by appointment.

I run a historical fencing school in Irving hosted by Warlord Combat Academy, just SE of the intersection of Loop 12 and U.S. HWY 183.


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Feldenkrais Method
Discover how to do less, while still achieving your goals.
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1904 - 1984
“When you know what you're doing,
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