The case for Ongoing Lessons

One of the advantages of the Feldenkrais Method over methods such as massage and chiropractic is that since you’re learning, you can bring yourself to a finer level of self-organization and no longer need adjustments and structural sessions.

That said, it takes a few lessons for you to build the felt sense of yourself that allows you to maintain these higher and more-elegant forms of self-organization, and thus you have some real choices:

1. Do a short series of one-on-one lessons, learn what you like, and move on.
2. Do ongoing lessons, one on one or as a group, in order to continue to upgrade your standards of self-organization.

That is, the improvements which “wow” you a few lessons in may also open doors to possibilities you never even imagined before — and inspire you to chase them. I have a client named Jacob who fits this bill — as a performing musician, he’s keenly aware of the benefits of more-elegant movement, and takes weekly lessons. Those lessons have gradually taken him from the ability to teach and play cello without discomfort, to… well, I’ll let his words this week speak for themselves.

Ok walking is crazy different. I feel like I leveled up hahaha running is even crazier. The “A skip” and other runner exercises actually make sense to me now. Running at a 6:30 mile pace feels much much easier- if I got my diet back on track, I could probably run back to back miles at this speed or at least at 7ish min.

This man’s pre-Feldenkrais comfortable mile time was in the low 9s: he would need a half-hour minimum to run a 5k. So you can see that this is a very serious improvement, brought on by Jacob’s desire to master himself.

If you find that you really want the benefit of an ever-improving horizon line for yourself and would like to look at ongoing lessons, but are unsure of whether you can afford them, talk to me. While I have certain minimums I have to charge to stay in business, I will absolutely work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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