“SQUARE” Credit Card Payments Enabled!

I can now take credit cards via either “tap” or “chip reader,” as well as take cards manually.
This means that I can now take payment by Card, Cash, Check, Zelle, or Paypal!

I have to pay a fee to the credit card companies for processing, and that will have to be added onto the lesson fee (it’s minor, 2.6%). One BIG advantage for those of you who know you will be working with me on an ongoing basis is that I can keep a card on file and charge when you take a lesson w/o having to muck about in person with the cards, which will provide you with a receipt for every lesson.

That way, if you don’t like the online payment systems and can’t find your checkbook, you no longer need to muck about getting cash in order to pay for lessons! 🙂

Do I still do home visits? YES!

Unlike most of my peers, I will happily come to give you a lesson in your home.

That said, I generally have to charge a road fee in order to protect my time (time spent on the road is time I can’t be helping others or engaging in productive work). I use a very simple formula, which equates to $20/hour drive time, and a $10 fee to cover gas/tolls if the location is outside of Irving.

I will usually waive this fee if I’m teaching multiple lessons back to back in a specific location. It need not specifically be a home, either: I will gladly come to your office, or heck, a park if the weather’s nice and that’ll provide an environment that’s easy and comfortable for you.