“Grandfathered” rates changing.

A quick heads-up: rates (as warned), went up this year. Still nowhere near what most of my peers charge, but up. That will have to go up for established clients as well. For most long-running clients, as of May, fees for lessons will go up by $10 (i.e., what you’re paying now goes up by that much: Denton area clients will keep their special rate as negotiated). It’s just what I have to do in order to keep up with rents, which track inflation.

The Good News: recently I’ve had some new clients coming on board. (which means I’ve got a little wiggle room: the more I’m able to work with people, the more leeway I have to delay rate increases with current clients). If this rate increase would put you into hardship or make it less likely for you to seek out lessons, let me know and we’ll figure something out: the last thing I want is for somebody who needs lessons to have to let that go for inability to pay.

Enjoy spring, and more soon about an upcoming project you may enjoy, called Klutz Therapy!

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