Moving forwards, post-Covid

So Covid-19 did a wrecking-ball job on a lot of local studios. We’ve lost four different locations over the past year. Currently I’m working from a home studio and at the facility where I teach fencing (Warlord Combat Academy).

So if you’d like to book an in-person lesson currently, as of February/March 2022, the options are:
1. Come to my place (if you’re a lady and have concerns, my wife works from home and we can schedule a day when it’s certain she won’t have had to commute into the office), because it’s comfortable and quiet and convenient from most of the Metroplex.
2. Meet at Warlord Combat Academy (off Grauwyler/Loop 12 in Irving), because you may or may not be a fencer, but think “swords are neat,” and like that environment. (I’ve had a possibly surprising number of “the last human beings you would ever guess” really enjoy getting lessons there.
3. I’ll come to you. I have to charge for my gas and drive time, but unlike most of my peers, I am completely willing to make house and/or office calls.

Thanks. It’s been a crazy couple of years, and it looks like we’ll be going through another year or two of everything being just a little hibbledy before it all calms down.

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