Remember when it DIDN'T hurt to move?

Are you:

Having a harder time doing the things you love to do, (or worse, contemplating giving those things up)?

Playing it safe because of how nagging little pains threaten to become big debilitating ones if you chase your fun?

Watching others improve in their hobby while you strain and struggle and always seem left behind in “last picked” territory?

Just plain SICK of sciatic pain?


I work using the Feldenkrais Method to help people radically improve the quality of their lives, so that they can do what they *want* to do — and do it well!

Whether that’s running, fencing, or just enjoying how nice it is to throw away the painkillers and not miss them. I get fabulous results for clients one-on-one, and in group classes.

Contact Me to discuss your needs:
Please TEXT to: 972.281.7733

I’m Russ Mitchell.
Fencer, Martial Artist, Lifelong Nerd.
Movement Expert.