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This site is, to use the 90s lingo, “under (seriously heavy) construction.”

This site covers two different areas.

The first is the practice of the Feldenkrais Method. It covers classes in Awareness Through Movement, Functional Integration, and observations about how Moshe Feldenkrais’ stunning insights about gravity, neuro-plasticity, and human potential can make our lives easier, more pleasurable, and hugely enhance your power as a human being.  You are talented, even if you tend to think otherwise. And it’s a lot easier to unlock those hidden talents you never knew you had than most people guess.

The second is called “Playful Humans.”  It’s the movement blog associated with my practice.  Here in the blog we celebrate people doing amazing and interesting things. Since my own background is in martial arts, there will be a good bit of that here, but it will also include a lot of other things people do at play. It will celebrate peoples’ skills, and discuss those skills and how to obtain them.

More soon!